Concrete Pump

Gulf Petroleum Services Company (GPSCO)


 Why Junjin?

GPSCO always takes into account the interests of its customers and we keep this in mind when we decide to cooperate with any company. Our first goal is to ensure the quality of manufacturing, raw materials and availability of spare parts. We also ensure their efficiency, after sales service and the strong guarantee they provide to our customers.

Since the beginning of 2018, GPSCO has become the sole distributor of Junjin in Egypt. Junjin is a Korean company who specializes in manufacturing all kinds of concrete pumps. They are one of the largest companies in the field of concrete pump manufacturing and hold a large proportion of the global market.


Junjin pumps are characterized by advanced technology, with the latest hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems distinguishing them from other types of pumps. Junjin pumps provide the best and most suitable solutions for all pumping modes of cement. Their products feature different boom lengths and are therefore suited for both small projects with short elevations, to large projects with high altitudes; they even cater for especially long lengths reaching up to 65 meters.


It is for these reasons, GPSCO is now cooperating with JUNJIN to provide the best pumps in the world for the Egyptian market, as well as to serve concrete companies in terms of performance, efficiency and ease of operation.


Types of concrete pumps and their application…

A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping and there are two types of concrete pumps.


The first type of concrete pump is attached to a truck or longer units are on semi-trailers. It is known as a boom concrete pump because it uses a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm called a boom to pour the concrete accurately. Boom pumps are used on most of the larger construction projects as they are capable of pumping at very high volumes and because of the labor saving nature of the placing boom. They are a revolutionary alternative to line-concrete pumps.


The second type of concrete pump is either mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer, and it is commonly referred to as a line pump or trailer-mounted concrete pump. This pump requires steel or flexible concrete placing hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the machine. Those hoses are linked together and lead to wherever the concrete needs to be poured. Line pumps normally pump concrete at lower volumes than boom pumps and are used for smaller volume concrete pouring applications such as swimming pools, sidewalks, and single family home concrete slabs and most ground slabs.


There are also skid mounted and rail mounted concrete pumps, but these are uncommon and only used on specialized jobsites such as mines and tunnels.


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