The Gulf Petroleum Services Co. (GPSCO), is a Fee-Based Brokerage Firm Serving
EGYPT, Kuwait, and USA, and International Rig Markets

We Broker New and Used Drilling Rigs

Land Rigs, Offshore Rigs, Workover Rigs, Components

Gas & Oil Drilling Rigs for Sale
from 500hp to 3000hp

GPSCO is an energy services company, finding equipment and services for buyers and suppliers. Every customer’s budget is different, and we work with a broad range of manufacturers to fit your company’s budget.

We aim for quality control and customer satisfaction, which is why we can obtain the equipment below to any specifications requested.

GPSCO can customize the order to fit your company's needs; if there is a product you are interested in buying and is not listed here, please contact us at rigs@gpsco.net.

The equipment and services offered by GPSCO include:

   Rig packages

      Derricks and masts


     Equipment Reconditioning

   Top drive systems

      Blowout Preventors

      B.O.P. Controls

    B.O.P. handling equipment

      Draw works

      Drilling Motors

      Drilling Control Systems

      Traveling Equipment

     Drillers Consoles

     Solids Control Systems

      Mud Pumps

      Rig-building crews

      Field service supervision

      Handling Tools

      Tongs, Elevators, Slips


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Email : rigs@gpsco.net



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