Gulf Petroleum Services Company (GPSCO)

GPSCO is a full-service rebuild shop, specializing in diesel engines, natural gas engines and generators. Our technical, systematic approach to every rebuild project ensures precision and quality, and you can be certain that the finished product is as ready for service as the day it was first built. With numerous testing facilities on site, we do all the troubleshooting and fine tuning before it leaves our shop, so you can put it to the task immediately. And of course, we back all of our work with a solid guarantee.


GPSCO offers service - depending on the need - for every product we sell, including for many products and brands we don’t sell.


As a GPSCO customer, you are part of a very powerful support system. As a specializer of Caterpillar equipment, GPSCO sets the standard for parts and service support, from extensive parts inventories to preventive maintenance, diagnostics and emergency service - all backed by the field technicians who know your needs and are prepared to meet them. We have the answer to your service needs.


Industrial Engines & Generator service

When repairs are necessary, we have dedicated repair facilities designed specifically for engines and related component repairs. Factory trained mechanics specialize in specific components to provide fast, dependable rebuilds. During the engine rebuild process, the assemblies are stripped and disassembled. Engine blocks and large components are cleaned in separate steam cleaning rooms while assemblies and small components are cleaned in agitating chemical tanks.

We also perform precision rebuilding of engine components at individual component repair stations, which are equipped with special tooling and current specification data. Fuel injection systems and governors are checked and adjusted on special fuel injection test stands to provide accurate, adjustment-free performance. Specially designed facilities house 2000 HP engine dynamometers used to assure complete break-in and guaranteed rated horsepower.


For more information about Overhaul program please contact us

SSSR - Service Support Sales Representative


GPSCO’s territory SSSR (service support sales representative) is available to consult on any power systems concerns you may have. Call a GPSCO Service Support Sales Representative. GPSCO customer Support Agreements are extremely versatile and can be custom tailored to your specific requirements.




Earth Moving Equipment

Regular maintenance will save you downtime and repair costs in the long run.

When you need service, GPSCO provides high-quality repairs with guaranteed workmanship. We equip our Caterpillar-trained technicians with the latest tool and test equipment to get your machine up and running as soon as possible.


Machine and Power Train Rebuilds

Slash 40% to 70% From Your Equipment Budget With a CAT Rebuild

Did you know that Caterpillar equipment can be rebuilt to deliver a cost effective second life?

A Caterpillar machine is the best investment in value and productivity you can make, but when the equipment begins to tire, our rebuild programs can deliver a cost effective second life. The machine and power train rebuild programs allow you to transform your equipment from tired to like-new, restoring its original productivity programs unique to Caterpillar equipment.


What are the repair indicators?

Planned indicators are more difficult to detect and respond to, however they have the greatest impact on managing operating costs, avoiding machine or component failure. GPSCO will look at your machine’s maintenance and service records as well as hours of operation to determine the right timeline for a machine or power train rebuild in order to avoid a catastrophic failure.

Problem indicators such as metal filings on a magnetic plug, transmission slippage, overheating and excessive oil consumption indicate an impending, costly after-failure repair. These indicators include oil sampling and coolant analysis results, excessive fuel consumption and high service hours.

Repairs after a failure can cost 50% MORE than a scheduled rebuild… but GPSCO Machine or Power Train Rebuild programs can save you money, headaches and downtime.


Field Service

Field service technicians are dispatched from GPSCO in fully equipped service shops on wheels. Their heavy-duty trucks are equipped with cranes, and air compressors, and the latest technology in electronic equipment for fast and accurate troubleshooting and repairs. GPSCO’s field service brings expert repair and maintenance to your job site to help you keep your downtime to a minimum and production to the maximum.




GPSCO has paint shops that can handle repainting of almost any equipment Caterpillar, , Perkins or Waukesha makes—large or small, as well as repainting machinery of other makes and manufactures. Our pressurized, filtered paint booth meets all EPA regulations and produces a quality finish for all types of painting needs.